Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Clearing out and packing

Here is the closet in the guest room that I cleared out yesterday for our house-sitter. I thought she deserved some space for her things. I hope this will be adequate. I moved stuff from this closet into the other two closets in the other two bedrooms on this floor, and also moved a few things to the basement.

I threw out a bunch of old magazines that were taking up space in my closet. I was ruthless and just tossed them all--well almost all--into the recycling bin. I did save the old needlework magazines. Old needlework patterns and ideas last longer than old decorating ideas, though when I saw the magazine cover showing ideas for blue and white decorating I almost set it aside to hang on to--before tossing it in with the rest. I was ruthless, as I said.

And here are the books, maps CD's etc. that I have chosen to take. For now. That could change when I find out how much will fit in my suitcase.

There is so much information available on-line these days, that you don't need that many guide books. I have two compact maps of Paris that I like, so am taking both. The Paris Walks book has detailed descriptions of some walks and the Rick Steve's Paris has lots of good current information about making the most of your time in Paris. We like his books a lot. And of course my Bescherelle for verbs. And my language book and 4 CD's. I'm up to lesson 68 out of 70, so will have completed the whole course by the time I leave, but I think I want to take them anyway to review.

Thanks to all of you who posted comments so far. I appreciate the interest and hope to be able to show you more inteseting pictures starting next week.

Monday, August 27, 2007

One week and counting down....

In one week I'll be leaving for Paris.

So why am I spending time at this computer now? Well, I've been planning this trip for about 9 months already, so I have some stuff done. I need to organize my last days so I don't forget anything important so I made a list this morning.

Here it is:


_Get the house ready to leave; Clean and put away most of our stuff; clear out the drawers and closet in one guest room for Sarah, our house-sitter. Make a list of things I think Sarah will need to know. Have Sarah over for a house orientation tour.

_Start packing a suitcase with fall clothes. I made a list a while back, but may have to revise it, when I see how much will fit in the suitcase. One good thing we will be there for only one season—the fall. So that makes packing a bit easier. Mostly sweaters, jeans, pants, a couple skirts, a dress, raincoat and jacket, scarves. The French wear scarves all the time, so I need more than one.

_Start piling up books, maps, CDs, etc, that we want to take.

_Shop for a few items that I still need.

_Stock up on some toiletries and over the counter medicines. I’ve decided it will be easier to take some of those things with me, than to try to find equivalents over there. Some things we will just buy when we get there, of course.

_Do two tours at
Glensheen (Monday and Thursday mornings). Since I am going to be gone for three months, I decided not to take an extra week off, so will do my tours this week. There is also an end of the summer party Thursday for volunteers that I hope to attend.

_Decide which purse(s) to take and get them ready. I’m carrying on an overnight bag on wheels in which I’ll put my laptop, my knitting bag, books, puzzles, etc. for the journey.

_Get my hair cut. Thursday 1:00.

_Try to get to Yarn Harbor Tuesday. Decide whether or not to bring some yarn with me. Pack knitting needles. A few paint brushes, just in case.

_Transfer data from this computer to my laptop. Make sure I can access the password sites that I want to from the laptop. I’ve already done a soft-ware check and I think I have what I need on it.

Well that's my list so far. I can add to it if I think of more things.

I've already gotten started on some of it.

I did my first tour at Glensheen-so just have one more to go. I am a volunteer tour guide at Glensheen a historic housee/museum near where I live in Duluth, MN.

And I have a suitcase packed. See....

For someone who likes pictures a lot, this post is remakably free of them. If you want pictures see the links at right. I will post more pictures in the future. Check back soon.