Enjoying the winter

Happy New year to all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break and are looking forward to the best year ever.

We don't get snow for the holidays every year in Duluth, so we were happy that it happened this year and our plans were to stay home. Our sons were both here for a week and we got out in the snow as much as we could. On the day after Patrick got in we had blizzard conditions, which left snow in funny patterns on our back window.

One of my Christmas presents was this 3-D puzzle of the Sears Tower. We all had fun putting it together.

We got out skiing 4 or 5 times while the guys were here. What are they looking at here? Check out this page of pictures to find out. Snow is not all fun. There is work involved in moving it around. Here Patrick is helping us move all the snow off the deck. We were afraid it was getting too heavy and might leak through the roof to the family room below, so we cleared off the deck.
See? It's all gone now. Ready to fire up the barbeque and have a picnic.

And one more shot looking out over a park in Duluth.


Anonymous said…
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Rose said…
Such different weather than here. I have to admit that snow kinda freaks me out; I like to see the ground and not have it covered up and I hate to be cold. If I'd grown up in colder climes, I might feel differently. Were you cross-country skiing? All that natural space looks just wondrous, Ceci, and how nice that you and your sons could share it together!
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