The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

I shouldn't complain about the weather here, as so many people have had really horrendous weather this week-killer-tornadoes, floods and heavy snow storms, that stopped traffic for hours. Here in Duluth we had the driest January on record with about 1 inch of snow total for the whole month. It was very cold-in the single digits and colder for many days, but it did warm up for the start of the John Beargrease sled dog Marathon, which starts close to our house. The warm-up was nice for the spectators, but not good for the dogs. Apparently they prefer temperatures around 0F.

Jim and I walked down to the start of the race and I took a few pictures, which you can see on this site. John Beargrease. There are links there to the official race site and that will explain more about the race, if you are interested. And here's preview photo. More like this on the page linked above.

This is one of the main streets in Duluth. They closed the street for this race and piled a lot of snow in the middle of it. The trail runs up the middle of the street for about 100 yards and then turns into a golf course and meets up later with a snow-mobile trail.


Thirkellgirl said…
I just listened to Weekend America's coverage of this race two Saturdays ago! My daughter is going to be east of Duluth in the Wisconsin wilderness for college next year, and I check your blog all the time. Love your photos. It's like another world compared to where we live. We got a dusting of snow last night and all the schools are delayed two hours. :)
Maureen said…
I know you won't believe this, but it's a treat to see your snow! We actually had snow three times this season, but of course, it didn't last! Glad to see you are back posting. The race sounds exciting!
Cecile said…
Thanks so much to both of you for your comments. I keep thinking I will add a post to this blog, but it hasn't gotten done. I have some more pictures of Paris I could add, if I could just get to it.

We've had very little new snow since December, but the old snow is still here, hopefully it's keeping my perennials nice and warm, so when the snow does melt they will happily burst forth and bloom this year.
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