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Clearing out and packing

Here is the closet in the guest room that I cleared out yesterday for our house-sitter. I thought she deserved some space for her things. I hope this will be adequate. I moved stuff from this closet into the other two closets in the other two bedrooms on this floor, and also moved a few things to the basement. I threw out a bunch of old magazines that were taking up space in my closet. I was ruthless and just tossed them all--well almost all--into the recycling bin. I did save the old needlework magazines. Old needlework patterns and ideas last longer than old decorating ideas, though when I saw the magazine cover showing ideas for blue and white decorating I almost set it aside to hang on to--before tossing it in with the rest. I was ruthless, as I said. And here are the books, maps CD's etc. that I have chosen to take. For now. That could change when I find out how much will fit in my suitcase. There is so much information available on-line these days, that you don't need th

One week and counting down....

In one week I'll be leaving for Paris. So why am I spending time at this computer now? Well, I've been planning this trip for about 9 months already, so I have some stuff done. I need to organize my last days so I don't forget anything important so I made a list this morning. Here it is: THINGS TO DO BEFORE NEXT MONDAY _Get the house ready to leave; Clean and put away most of our stuff; clear out the drawers and closet in one guest room for Sarah, our house-sitter. Make a list of things I think Sarah will need to know. Have Sarah over for a house orientation tour. _Start packing a suitcase with fall clothes. I made a list a while back, but may have to revise it, when I see how much will fit in the suitcase. One good thing we will be there for only one season—the fall. So that makes packing a bit easier. Mostly sweaters, jeans, pants, a couple skirts, a dress, raincoat and jacket, scarves. The French wear scarves all the time, so I need more than one. _Start piling up books,