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We're buying a house in Normandy!

          Yes, after tossing the idea around for over 2 years, we are in the process of buying a house in a village in Normandy.  We spent a week there last year (see the Normandy pages ) and decided that we would like to return to vacation there on a regular basis.           This year we contacted some realtors and viewed 8 properties. We both liked one of them the best, though all of them had delightful features.           All of them had stairways and apparently I like to take pictures of stairways, so I have quite a few photos of the stairways in these houses.  For completely arbitrary reasons I am going to feature those stairways in this post.   Here's the first one we saw.  We saw several pink rooms and in this case it was the hallway that was painted pink.   This is the second floor landing of this house.   Many of the old stairways had been enclosed, or perhaps always were.   This house had been beautifully renovated downstairs, but they hadn