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In the U.S. we call it a yard, front yard or back yard, but in England they call it a garden.  We wanted a little outdoor space of our own, so all the properties we looked at had some form of garden.  Here are some photos of those outdoor spaces. This was a lovely garden, which was slightly separated from the house.  Another part of the same garden. And this is the pathway down to the front door of the house. The barn or storage space in the foreground was not part of the property. This one had a similar situation. A lovely garden space surrounded by trees and a hedge, And this is the pathway down to the house. This empty field also went with the house.  I believe it is the part on the right that has been mowed less often that went with the house we looked at. The other part went with the house next door. This was a nice garden accessed from the house either by going through the garage or around the house next door and down the alley. the realtors suggested we

Hallways and attic rooms

(If you haven't read the previous post , you need to start there.) These are some of the hallways that we saw in the 8 houses we visited. We just don't see things like this in the U.S. We were told this house was remodeled in the 1930's and that these tiles date to that period. And in the same house the 3-story glass block window apparently also dates from the '30's. A more modern renovated hallway. The owner of this cute little house was an artist and his studio was in the upstairs hallway. Yes, that is a toilet in the hallway. There is no door. It obviously is never used and once the renovation is finished on the floor above would be removed. My favorite hallway again. It has the old French foyer feel. This looks older to me, but we were told the house is post-war. (WWII, that is.) This is the living room of the "gite" where we stayed. This house had a huge attic room. The bathroom is behind the short wall.