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Holidays in California

We went out to  California to spend Christmas and the next few days with our sons. I took so few pictures, and none of us, so I apologize for these few shots. We played Frisbee golf in Santa Barbara one afternoon, drove up to Big Bear the day after Christmas and spent one day skiing at Snow Summit. The conditions were good, even though the temperature was in the 50's.  I've never skied in such warm weather.  I took off my hat in the first lift line and never put it on again.  I took my mittens off at the bottom of the hill and put them back on at the top, just in case I fell.  The snow was cold on my bare hands.  I stopped one time and took a few shots of Big Bear lake below us.   I was bummed when I realized I had lost my goggles.  Those things are expensive, but make skiing much more enjoyable for me.  I took them off once when I was looking for Jim, because I was sweating, and somehow must have dropped them.  Jim checked the lost and found when we stopped for lunch,

Warm Holiday Wishes to all!

A photo of a park near my house.  We got some snow today for the first time this year. We are back home in Duluth, but just for one more day.  We have made a brief stop of 12 days here, will be spending the holidays in California with our sons, then be back here for New Years and then start out on our next big adventure.   We are going around the world in 80 days!    I will try to blog from each of the locations we stop at.  We will be in Beijing and Kunming, China; Osaka, Japan; Delhi, India; Istanbul, Turkey; Rio and Recife, Brazil, and Normandy, France.   In the mean time, I'd like to wish you all a very happy holiday season. Keep warm, enjoy your friends and family, eat well and stay healthy!


I spent a lovely 6 days in London in mid-November.  Jim was working most of the time, so I walked around by myself, rode the underground and buses, toured a palace and a couple museums, had lunch with a friend and met some knitters.  It was a pretty full week. The weather was not bad at all for London in November.  We had some sunny days and some overcast, but very little rain. We always enjoy seeing Big Ben, because the year that we lived in London the tower was covered in scaffolding and we never saw it at all. I walked around the area near the houses of parliament and Westminster one sunny morning. Here’s a bit of an old sign on a small street in Westminster. I love the white painted houses in some areas of London.   I went out to Fulham to have lunch with a friend. After lunch I walked along the Thames walk to the Bishops palace in Fulham. This is a gate at the back of the palace. This sign was on the Thames walk. Anyone want to try to translate? There are m