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A Couple Bike Rides in Normandy

As promised last time I have now uploaded photos of the two bike rides we took when Ken and Marta were visiting. It's all explained on this page on my website .  I like to use this site, because I can control the size of the photos and you can see them all by scrolling up and down.  Here's a teaser photo.   We are back in Duluth for a few weeks, but will return to London and Normandy in November. As always, I love hearing from you, so do leave a comment if you enjoy this site.

Making a house a home

We have been turning this new place into our own.  It’s been a lot of fun.  The house was furnished with the bare necessities when we took ownership, so fortunately we could move right in.  But we have been adding lots of comforts, conveniences, doing some repairs, etc. and adding a few decorative touches. Here is the living room today.  I should do some kind of “hover over the objects to learn more about them,” but I’m not going to.  The print over the mantel is one Jim and Marta, our sister-in-law bought in July in Utrecht. Marta managed to stash it there until last weekend, when we stopped to visit her and picked it up to bring it back here. We bought the Delft vase in an antique shop in Utrecht, possibly the same one where they bought the print in July. The Danish Christmas plate is one Marta brought when she came to visit in October. The lithograph on the left is one given us in Wrocław in September. It is of the old university building, one we’ve been in several times. The 3 wa