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We made a trip to Helsinki last fall.  We were there the second week in October. It was chilly, but the fall colors were nice.  Here are some of my pictures. This was the doorway to our hotel. It looked like a castle on the outside.   Here's a picture of boats in the harbor. These boats are backed up to the wharf and are selling things from the back. They had fresh fish, pickled fish, other foods in jars and knitted items.   It's hard to see, but this is a boat. This is another boat. You can see the cabin and a crane.   And here is another one. Smoking fish right on the sidewalk. You can see both of the big cruise ships that come over every day from Stockholm, I think. Technorati Tags: Helsinki   One day I walked around the neighborhood where the embassies are.  These are two of them, but I don't remember which ones they are. No photos were allowed of the American Embassy. It was under construction anyway, so not very picturesque