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Normandy in March

We went back to Normandy for a few weeks in March. We wanted to do a few more things to the house before another of our co-owners, Jim's sister, Alice arrived. And Jim continued working on his book. He went to Munich for 3 days, but I stayed in Normandy. I had planted a few bulbs in the fall. When I bought them I asked for ones that would bloom in April, so I wasn't sure there would be much in bloom in March. I was therefore surprised to find the garden looking like this. I didn't plant any of these. The ones I planted are in a small group just to the right of the photo. They were blooming too. By the end of our three weeks the forget-me-nots were in full bloom in the back half of the garden. They're just weeds, but are pretty in the spring. I thought that in order to make better use of the garden, it needed some stepping stones.  I wanted round ones, but couldn't find any, so we settled for these square ones that match the ones in the pathway. On the insid