Now for something completely different

I'm not one for taking more artistic photos, or looking for unusual angles. I just try to get the best shot I can to show the sight I'm looking at. But sometimes I can't get far enough away from a tall building to get the whole thing in the shot, so I started taking some shots looking up at the building or monument from right up close to it. I've collected some of these and put them on a new page. Below is a house in Paris on, I think the Rue François Miron, in the 4th arrondissement.

And these two old half-timbered houses are on the same street. They may be the oldest houses in Paris.

So here is the link to more of these photos. Looking up.


Deborah Osborne said…
Hello Cecile,

I want to write an article about visiting the Pasteur Museum and found your blog when researching. Can I email you?

Cécile said…
Yeah sure. We enjoyed that museum.

Cécile said…
I thought my e-mail was on the profile or something. Here it is csriehl at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
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