Four days in South Korea

Would you like to spend 55 sleepless hours traveling, most of them cramped in a crowded airplane and the rest in airports in order to spend 4 days in South Korea?

Why not?

Actually if that's how he had asked me I might have said "no thanks." But he didn't mention that we would only be there for 4 days.



I'm awfully glad I went though. It was a great trip. It was a little different from most of the traveling we've done in that we had a local guide most of the time. A south Korean (who has lived in Minneapolis for 25 years) arranged the trip and traveled with us for most of it. He arranged for his nephew to drive us around Seoul and also hired a guide to show us the sights of Seoul on the weekend.IMG_7451_1_1

The first thing we saw was the changing of the guard ceremony at the Royal Palace. It's a museum now, so this is a show just for tourists.






Near the palace we also visited the National Folk Museum of Korea, where we learned a lot about Korean traditional culture. There were displays showing how they make Kimchee, the fermented and seasoned cabbage dish that is uniquely Korean.

IMG_7492_1_1 And we saw several temples. In front of all of them we saw these colorful paper lanterns hanging in honor of the Buddha's upcoming birthday. There were services going on in some of the temples we visited.


The rest of my pictures are on this site.  South Korea Pictures. There are 3 pages--one of the weekend in Seoul, then one of the day we spent in Chuncheon and then one more with a few more pictures from our last afternoon in Seoul.


Maureen said…
Your photos are just amazing...what wonderful opportunities for travel you have! My husband spent time in Korea serving our country, and I think he will enjoy your travelogue!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures. I'm off to look at the rest of them. 55 hours for 4 days. Madness! I'm glad you liked it or it could have been disastrous.:-)
Susan (sageriver)
Mary Ruth said…
You are amazing! I mean, no questions asked, just Go forth! and you still made it an ADVENTURE! If you ever need an assistant! WOW! You are a true adventurer! LOVE your Blog and stories! Pictures are GREAT!
Cecile said…
Maureen, Susan, Mary Ruth,

Thank you for the kind comments. I guess I'd follow him just about anywhere. I haven't regretted going anywhere with him yet. We were actually very well taken care of on this trip, so we didn't need to do anything ourselves.
I truly loved your blog, and your photos were simply amazing! I appreciate and respect your desire to travel and be adventurous...take grab any opportunity that comes your way. You brought back some amazing photos and shared with those who are not able to travel. Thank you! Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Good for people to know.
Unknown said…
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