Poland, Prague and Kazakhstan

In September we made a trip to Eastern Europe.  Our first stop was Szklarka National Park in the southern Polish mountains near the border between Poland and the Czech republic.  I went for a couple hikes there. Those pictures can be found on this web page.

poland-prague-10 028_1_1

From there we got a ride into Prague and spent two days there. 

Prague pictures


And then we flew 8 more hours to Almaty, Kazakhstan, where we spent one day and then flew up to Ust Kamenogorsk, where we spent 3 more days.


In Kazakhstan I saw lots of beautiful textiles, embroidered wall hangings and cushions,  felted carpets, woven braids and more.  I saw two yurts in museums that were filled with beautifully decorated objects.  You can find some of those pictures here.

Almaty 006

This amazingly decorated, wooden cathedral is in Almaty.


The architecture and the yurts, both inside and outside are a delight. Rich embroideries and wonderful bright colours. The wealth of artistic endeavours in this cultre is a hidden secret. Thanks so much for sharing these excellent photos to give us a glimpse of the treasures contained within the country.
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