Hallways and attic rooms

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These are some of the hallways that we saw in the 8 houses we visited. We just don't see things like this in the U.S.

Normandy 1 054_4_1

We were told this house was remodeled in the 1930's and that these tiles date to that period.

Normandy 1 073_5_1

And in the same house the 3-story glass block window apparently also dates from the '30's.


A more modern renovated hallway.

Normandy 1 126_6_1

The owner of this cute little house was an artist and his studio was in the upstairs hallway.

Normandy 1 208_10_1

Yes, that is a toilet in the hallway. There is no door. It obviously is never used and once the renovation is finished on the floor above would be removed.

Normandy 1 186_9_1 My favorite hallway again. It has the old French foyer feel. This looks older to me, but we were told the house is post-war. (WWII, that is.)

Normandy 1 027_3_1

This is the living room of the "gite" where we stayed.


This house had a huge attic room. The bathroom is behind the short wall.

Normandy 1 177_8_1

This attic room had been painted red.

Normandy 1 175_7_1

Another view of the red attic bedroom, showing a skylight.

st fraimbault 012_11_1

And "our" unfinished attic bedroom.

st fraimbault 014_12_1

The ceiling and top of the wall of the bathroom. We plan to have this room finished as a third bedroom.

Why Normandy? We've been asked that so I addressed that topic on this web page. Why Normandy? I did it on my web-site, because I wanted to include larger pictures without you having to click on the pictures to see the larger versions.

Why Normandy? (my web page)

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Alice R. said…
I get so excited when I see pictures of Normandy. Thanks for posting them.
Absolutely loved the pics and the descriptions on your blog! So picturesque; love all the cobblestones, lanes, cottages. That chateau was gorgeous!
Your new vacation home is going to be wonderful! All those original beams. Is that tile on the entry floor? Thank you, as always, for posting, Ceci. I would never see or "experience" places like this without friends like you. :-)
Paula said…
How exciting! You are doing what so many Americans dream of doing! I love the old houses and the silent stories they tell.
Monica said…
I see no need to wonder WHY Normandy. Love the pictures and the ambiance that you so clearly crave. We do too!

And that Chateau!! I challenge you to enquire as to what the price might be... just for information sake. ;-)


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