Holidays in California

We went out to  California to spend Christmas and the next few days with our sons. I took so few pictures, and none of us, so I apologize for these few shots.

We played Frisbee golf in Santa Barbara one afternoon, drove up to Big Bear the day after Christmas and spent one day skiing at Snow Summit. The conditions were good, even though the temperature was in the 50's.  I've never skied in such warm weather.  I took off my hat in the first lift line and never put it on again.  I took my mittens off at the bottom of the hill and put them back on at the top, just in case I fell.  The snow was cold on my bare hands.  I stopped one time and took a few shots of Big Bear lake below us.



I was bummed when I realized I had lost my goggles.  Those things are expensive, but make skiing much more enjoyable for me.  I took them off once when I was looking for Jim, because I was sweating, and somehow must have dropped them.  Jim checked the lost and found when we stopped for lunch, but they weren't there. The guy told him to check back later.  So at the end of the day I went back to the lost and found and asked again. This time they had them!  I was so happy to get them back.

The next day we drove back down to Palm Springs, where the guys played golf and I walked along. The temperatures there were in the  low 70's, but the sun was hot.  It was really nice in the shade, though.


That snow-capped peak in the background is the south face of Big Bear Mountain, where we skied the day before on the north face.


Here's another shot from the golf course.

The next day we went to Laguna Beach to visit my mother's cousin, Rolf Engen and his wife Carol. I really should have taken pictures there, but didn't.  Carol served us a delicious lunch before we had to leave for the airport and come back to Duluth. 


Now we are packing for our trip around the world.


James Riehl said…
I like the golf course picture with Big Bear mountain in the background. All we need to do is photoshop in the Engens, Dexter, and a Christmas ham and we've pretty much got the whole trip in one scene!

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