Day 8-9 Dali - continued

Kathy and Gregg have gone to work today.  I decided to stay in their apartment and use their computer this morning. They'll be back for lunch and then we'll go out somewhere. 
This is a continuation of the day I started in the previous post.  We met up with the other ladies and all took a bus to the old part of Dali, where we walked around and then had delicious pizza made in a wood-fired oven, some of the best Pizza I've ever had.
You might notice that I've changed the template for this blog. I figured out I could use larger pictures, but needed to make the blog wider.  It makes the previous entries look funny, but I hope it is an improvement.

 This is not a market, but a restaurant.  You chose the fresh ingredients you would like them to cook for you and in a very short time your meal is ready to eat. We didn't eat at this restaurant, but did eat at another one with a similar system, though in that one the fresh ingredients were in a refrigerator with glass doors. The meal was wonderful.

The women who are members of the ethnic minorities in this part of China still normally dress in their traditional costume. Here are two women in traditional costume and a third carrying traditional baskets on their backs. This was a fairly common sight.

 The old town of Dali is characterized by buildings in the traditional style. It is a popular tourist destination, so there are lots of shops selling local crafts and many restaurants.The young women here are dressed the way most young women in China dress.

Here is a very narrow alley with tie-dyed tablecloths and hangings as well as embroidered items. The women here are helping one woman tie her baby onto her back, but it's hard to see.

A typical street in Dali Old Town.

Another street in the old town.

This is one of the tie-dyed and embroidered tablecloths.

At the top left here are 3 baby carriers in the traditional style. We saw many of these in use.

After our delicious Pizza supper we walked around the old town a bit more. It was a busy place after dark with lots of lights and restaurants.

The next day this woman who is a member of the Yi minority and who works for our host family in Dali, prepared a meal for us.  She dresses this way every day. 

 Here we are sitting around the table about to start on lunch. Of course it was delicious.

This is a school we visited this day. These women are some of the women Kathy works with in Kunming or who work in Dali. The women here are from New Zealand, China, Singapore, USA and Canada.

 A park we walked through on the way back to the bus stop.

The streets in the newer part of Dali are wide and lined with more modern buildings.
We had another meal about 5:00. We weren't particularly hungry so we just had fried rice with a couple other dishes. We wanted to eat with our hosts once more before going back to the bus station for the 4-hour ride back to Kunming.

I have some pictures of Kunming and will be taking more, but am not sure when I'll get those posted here.


Heidi said…
More great photos. Some views I recognize from Kathy's posts, most notably the park you walked through.
Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your trip, and I am quite intrigued by the baby carriers.

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