Normandy in March

We went back to Normandy for a few weeks in March. We wanted to do a few more things to the house before another of our co-owners, Jim's sister, Alice arrived. And Jim continued working on his book. He went to Munich for 3 days, but I stayed in Normandy.
I had planted a few bulbs in the fall. When I bought them I asked for ones that would bloom in April, so I wasn't sure there would be much in bloom in March. I was therefore surprised to find the garden looking like this.
I didn't plant any of these. The ones I planted are in a small group just to the right of the photo. They were blooming too. By the end of our three weeks the forget-me-nots were in full bloom in the back half of the garden. They're just weeds, but are pretty in the spring.
I thought that in order to make better use of the garden, it needed some stepping stones.  I wanted round ones, but couldn't find any, so we settled for these square ones that match the ones in the pathway.
On the inside of the house we had bought a plywood panel before we left in December.  I sanded and painted it with a rosemaling design. Here is a photo of the panel in place before it was finished.
And here is the panel after the painting.
On March 31, we went to Flers to pick up Alice.
There she is greeting Jim just after getting off the train. The train looks nice and shiny in this photo, but I was surprised at how dingy it actually looked.  Usually they look better than that.
We took Alice to Domfront on Sunday.  It was very cold and windy that day, but we walked around and saw the castle anyway. Then we stopped for a tea or coffee and walked a bit more, then went back to the same restaurant for lunch of Galettes.  Mmmmmm.
Because it was so cold  and I had been in Domfront before, I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few.
Domfron83 This is the street called "Grande Rue," which means big street. It is labeled "semi-pedestrian."  We don't know what that means except that pedestrians need to beware of the cars coming up the street very frequently.
Here's a sign on the street.
And a mural.
We also visited the 12th century Romanesque church called Notre Dame de l'Eau, in which they believe Eleanor of Aquitaine's daughter was baptized. And which was definitely visited by Henry II, King of England and duke of Normany, and his friend and bishop Thomas a Becket.
These tulips in front of the church were in full bloom.
On Monday we went to Bagnoles de l'Orne, a place we had been many times. It was slightly less cold and windy that day.
Here is a house near the lake,
A hotel,
And a wooden chalet, which I had read about in a book. It was said to be a Swedish chalet built for an exposition in Paris and moved here. I've forgotten the year, and the book is still in Normandy, but I am in Duluth.
We came home to Duluth on April 5th.
On March 17th, I went for a walk starting in a nearby town.  I have documented that walk on this web page.  It includes photos of the hedgerows of Normandy.
Alice is blogging from the house on her blog The Riehl Normandy, so check that out for more pictures and information from our little corner of Basse-Normandie.

As always I love to hear from you, so let me know you stopped by.

A la prochaine!

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Ken Stanley said…
Great pictures. Makes us want to get back to St. Fraimbault.
Ken Stanley said…
PS Forget-me-nots are not weeds. They are one of Marta’s favorite flowers. :)
Patrick said…
Nice pics. I don't think I've been to Bagnoles. I'll have to check it out next time.
Patricia said…
Beautiful rosemaleing! I'd never heard of it before you mentioned it.
Cécile said…
Thanks Ken, Patrick, Patricia. Ken, let us know if you can make it this summer.

Patrick, you were in Bagnoles when you were 9. We camped there.

Patricia, I'm glad to be able to spread the word about rosemaling.
Kathy said…
I liked your pictures of the Margantin walk!

What beautiful scenery!
mariancolman said…
I've enjoyed your blog. Welcome back to Duluth!
Julie said…
I really enjoy reading about your adventures in France, Ceci! I loved your hike, too. What a beautiful place on a beautiful spring day!
Phyllis Swenson said…
Beautiful rosemaleing.. One craft I have not tried!
Phyllis Swenson said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heidi said…
Nice photos and nice rosemauling. I can't figure out where the panel is. Unless I am the only one that dense, you might need to post yet another photo. :)

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