Antiques market

We arrived home from our trip back to Philadelphia in the middle (literally) of this antiques fair. We had no idea this would be going on. We came up out of the metro and here we were. We took our luggage home and rested a bit then came back out to explore some more.

There were many booths on both sides of the street for two blocks. This is right in the main street nearest us. Many vendors were selling antiques, and I think nice ones, though I'm no expert.

There were also things like glass,


Items from Africa,

and the Orient,

But mostly from Europe. Look at this huge crystal egg! Porcelaine, china, silver, linens and lots and lots of other materials. I wish I'd had more time and free shipping.

By the way, I didn't shrink these pictures, so if you click on them you can see all the tiny little details.


PAT said…
This looks like so much fun, Ceci! I especially love the book tent! Wow!

Cécile said…
Thanks Pat, I thought that booth looked cool too. So organized. Some of them are such a jumble. And ususally for books they have them in bins on the table-organized, but not like that. Those books covers were wrapped in plastic, but it lookd like you could actally open the book. I wished I'd had more time.
Wow! What a surprise! How nice that you took a bit of time to go and browse a bit. Surely there were lots of treasures to be seen.
I hope you and DH are doing well after your loss.
Cécile said…
Thank you Rose, It is easier for us being so far away. Her daughter is still in the house she lived in with her mother and must be reminded every time she turns around of her loss. I hope she finds ways to deal with the loss. I talked to my mother yesterday and realized Jim can't do that anymore. But we are doing fine, really.
Maureen said…
Lucky lucky you to come home to such fun shopping. On a sad note, I am sorry to hear about the passing of Jim's Mom. Wishing your family comfort at this sad time!
Cécile said…
Maureen, Thanks so much. We do appreciate the kind words.

Unknown said…
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