Attic renovation complete

I cleaned up the beams, stained them and Jim helped me with the priming and painting this week. We cleaned up today and took some pictures.

So here’s what you see when you enter the room.

attic done 016_3_1_1

The laminate floor will be really easy to maintain.

attic done 020_4_1_1

The new window and lower part of the beams.  If you compare to how they looked in the previous post you’ll see the result of the cleaning I did.  Though, getting the plaster off was easy. The hard part was that they were very dirty too.

attic done 023_5_1

Another view of the beams, stained. The builder put that new bit on the floor to hide the part of the iron rod that came above the floor level.

attic done 022_5_1

Last shot, looking up.

vide-grenier 007_7_1

And in case attic renovation isn’t your thing:

We went to a flea market in the next town on Monday (Pentecost) and picked up these items for 10 Euros.


On Wednesday, I decided to try to figure out how to recreate a Tarte Tatin we had had in St. Ceneri. It came out pretty well.

attic done 003_1_1_1

This morning it was nice enough to eat breakfast outside. We had put together this table we found in the garage. This part of the garden is in the sun in the morning and in the shade in the afternoon, so we keep the other table on the patio, which is in the shade most of the time except late afternoon.

attic done 006_2_1_1

And the big rose bush has started blooming this week.


kaystir said…
Wow it really looks amazing now!

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