Ile de la Cité

The very center of Paris is on an island in the Seine. If you've been to Paris, you no doubt have been on this island. Notre Dame is on the island as well as La Sainte Chapelle, two of Paris' most well-known and well-loved landmarks. My mother wanted to see la Sainte Chapelle again, so I waited until she got here to go there this time. You have to wait in line to go through security to get in. We rode the metro to the island and began our visit with the old prison called the Conciergerie. My pictures of this part of the island are here.

After visiting the Conciergerie and La Sainte Chapellle, we walked the short distance to Notre Dame Cathedral. Notre Dame was completed 80 years earlier than La Sainte Chapelle in the mid-1200's.

My mother is back home in Indiana now. It was great having her here and being able to show her a little bit of my life here in Paris this fall. I doubt that she misses all the steps she climbed in Paris.


Anonymous said…
Bon Jour Ceci! I'm enjoying your blog so much and just had to comment on the Ile de Louis. This is such a special jewel, among many, in Paris. The restaurants, the shops--it's all so lovely.

Glad your mom is safely home and I trust she enjoyed her time with you and your husband in Paris.

Lucky you. Looks like you are making the most of this fabulous opportunity!

PAT said…
Hello Ceci...thank you so much for taking me to Paris!

Those arched ceilings are breathtaking.

"That woman is not a prisoner. She's my mother." LOL! Oh, Ceci, I love visiting Paris with you. I can't imagine being in a hall that was built in 1313! I want to express how deeply grateful I am to you for the history you provide along with the pictures. Learning about the Parisii tribe, the crown of thorns that Louis IX purchased - all of it is so interesting! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Our favorite memory from this island is when our youngest daughter feeded birds outside Notre Dame :-)
PAT said…
Hello Ceci...stop by the back porch, I've given you an award!

Anonymous said…
Wow, what a wonderful opportunity! I was there last fall, for only a few days. Three months would be WONDERFUL!
Unknown said…
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