We tried again to do the canal boat trip

And this time we were sucessful. We got seats right in front of the boat and enjoyed the trip.
The rest of the pictures are here. Canauxrama boat trip on Canal St. Martin.


PAT said…
Ceci, once again you've allowed me to see Paris through your eyes. The photos are wonderful. They gave me an idea of what it was like to take that ride. How great that you had seats up front!!

Loved the photos of you, Jim and your mother. You all look great. I know you are enjoying this autumn in Paris!

Unknown said…
Hi Aunt Ceci the pictures are beautiful! Especially the ones of the gardens and flowers! i hope you are enjoying your time!
Anonymous said…
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Cécile said…
Pat, thanks. I figured people would like to see pictures of us. I'm not very good at taking pictures of people, whether that's us or other people. But occasionally someone remeinds me.

Maura, Thanks, The gardens here are great. We are having a good time. Thanks for checking in. Have fun at school!

I had to delete that 3rd comment. It was spam. I hope I don't get too many of those. If I do I'll have to put in that filter, where you have to type in the letters in the box. We'll see what happens.
Ceci - Since my laptop died, I haven't been able to delight in spending time on your site and enjoying your photos. I hope my new one gets here soon! My time is so limited since I'm using the library. I know I have something to really look forward to once I'm up and running again! Blessings to you - Rose
Unknown said…
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