Attic project update

Day 3 progress pictures.

Attic day 3 001_1_1

It appears they are squaring things up.  We may have some right angles up here, which we don’t have below. And we are losing some space.

Attic day 3 002_2_1

They use these metal studs instead of wood.  They take up less space and are easier to carry up the narrow stairway as they stack together.

Attic day 3 003_3_1

Close-up of the western wall.

Attic day 3 008_4_1

Looking down at the floor on the eastern wall.

Attic day 3 010_5_1

The ceiling.


attic-st-cereri 004_6_1

Most of the wall board is up now.

attic-st-cereri 006_7_1

They just have this east wall to finish. They insulated this wall as well, though on the other side is the neighbor’s house, not the outdoors.

So that’s how the project stood for the long weekend.

Here are the new pictures from yesterday.

attic day 4-4

One guy was here doing the taping and mudding. He also added more drywall on the front wall.  We won’t be able to see the original walls, but they weren’t great looking.

attic day 4_2

I guess he ran out before he could finish the last corner.  He brought in one more half sheet today.  I think they did a good job estimating how much they would need, though.

attic day 4-3

Today they have removed the old window and are installing the new one.  I guess the surgery was postponed.  I didn’t hear an explanation.

I asked them to leave the window in the garage.  I have some ideas for it as a decoration.  We’ll see how well that works out.


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