Four Hours in Paris

Paris is wonderful, whether you spend months there or just a few hours. Recently, we've been going in to the city on our way home for just a few hours and dinner.

We spend a night near the airport on our way home from Normandy. Once we turn in the car and check into the hotel, we take the train in to Paris and walk around for a few hours. This time we decided to revisit the Mont-Martre area. The train from the airport stops at Gare du Nord and from there Mont Martre is a nice walk.

First we stopped for a drink at this sidewalk café.

Then we walked on up the hill till we could see Sacré Coeur. I took this one for our daughter-in-law, who works for Lindt.

It was a little warm, so we rode the funicular up to the church.

There was a long line to get inside, but it's the exterior of this church that is so impressive. 

The view from below the church is always fun. Here you can see (right to left) the Panthéon, St. Eustache, Notre Dame, Centre Pompidou, etc.

We walked around the streets of Mont-Martre. It was a bright sunny afternoon, which can make it hard to take good pictures. There were a lot of people there.


I’m collecting street signs in Paris. Someday they might make a blog post.

I’d have thought this house was in Normandy, if I didn’t know I was in Paris.

And here is one of the signs in the Gare du Nord RER station, where we took the train back to the airport. Jim recognized this one from Chemistry. Others were mathematical.

We're back in Duluth now until August.


Patrick said…
Montmartre is still one of my favorite spots in Paris.
Unknown said…
The architecture is wonderful. I wonder how old the house covered in moss are? It looks crowded, but then, it is a city after all. The signs are interesting.
The Wife! said…
Hey I see Lindt.. hehe

I miss Paris through your blog!!

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