Journées Européennes du patrimoine II

Day two- Sunday.

As I mentioned before, I went to see a few of the ministry buildings in Paris 7th arrondissement. This photo is of the "salle de bains du roi." The king in question is actually the King of England--George VI. Check this page for the rest of these pictures. Paris Ministries


Laura E said…
Wow. You definitely got an insider's perspective of these amazing buildings. I loved the pictures and can imagine there was much much more.
Anonymous said…
I'm enjoying your blog...Feels like we are right there with you. I can travel to Paris with out even leaving my home!!! Thank you so much for sharing!
Sue S
PAT said…
You know Ceci...this makes my little Branson trip look like small change!:-) I love all of this and of course, absolutely love your casual tablesetting!

Keep these wonderful photos and stories coming. I am loving my trip to France.

Cécile said…
Pat, Sue, Laura, Thanks for your comments. I'm really glad I discovered what was going on this weekend, which I did due to another blog, I think. It was a one-time opportunity that I was able to take advantage of.

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