Attic project nears end

We are told they will be done today. They are making a lot of noise up there today, installing the floor.  This is the first time we’ve heard hammering and banging. They brought in more wall board yesterday, which baffled us.  Maybe they will use it to level the floor?  They also brought in pressed board, which I assume is for the subflooring.
Here are some pictures.
attic day 5 004_1_1
The wall board is all finished now. We are going to paint it ourselves.
attic day 5 009_2_1
The new window.
attic day 5 011_1_1
How the window looks from outside.  I had kind of liked the old brown window,
attic day 5 015_2_1
which I asked them to leave for us,
attic day 5 014_3_1
but it was in pretty rough condition, especially on the outside. And it was pretty drafty. I have some plans for it.  Stay tuned.  [link to picture of window project]
attic day 5 019_3_1
I asked Jim to stand in the dormer space to show how tall it is.
attic day 5 026_5_1
Now for the floor and to answer anyone who might ask why didn’t we just use the floor that was there.  First of all it didn’t cover the entire space, as you can see above.
attic day 5 024_4_1
Then it had some bad spots.
attic day 5 029_6_1
But mainly there was this rod going across the middle of the room just waiting to trip someone.
attic day 5 030_7_1
The rod is several inches above the floor at the outside, but close to the floor near the door.
FP-screen 003_4_1
And here is what I have been working on the past few days.  I finished the border on the rosemaled panel I did, and we hung it in the fireplace. Again this is covering a very ugly, unusable fireplace.
golf-laval 001_8_1
This is hole 6 on the Golf course at Laval which Jim played and I walked yesterday. It hasn’t been nice enough to get out on the weekends, so Jim worked half days last weekend and took off yesterday afternoon to play golf in the sunshine.  In this photo you can see the green and part of the fairway. The valley that you can’t see goes way down and the tee is way down below the plateau you see in the distance.  This was quite a hole. It was a pretty golf course, though with beautiful views in all directions and a few holes going along the Mayenne river.
Okay, leave me comments to let me know you are reading this. It’s not really worth my time if no one reads it or lets me know what they think.


Julie said…
I've been reading, Ceci! I hope you will share more photos of the attic once it's painted.

Your fireplace screen is so gorgeous! You do such beautiful work.
Cécile said…
Thanks, Julie. The floor is done and and it really looks like a room. It's dusty up there now. I want to clean, but think we need to do a bit of sanding, so must do that first.

I'll post pics, but it may take a bit longer to get it painted.
Patrick said…
Wow, it looks amazing. I think it's going to be my favorite room in the house. There are kind of four floors, so I get to claim one, right? :-)
Cécile said…
I guess you are counting the basement. We'll let Jimmy have the basement. I do think it is going to be a nice room. I can't wait to get started on the painting, etc. but have some other things to do this weekend.
James Riehl said…
Alright, as long as I get to put a ping pong table down there. Yeah, this really looks great, and didn't take long at all! I can't wait to see the finished room. Thanks for all the updates!
Great progress! It's really shaping up now, Ceci. Your fireplace screen is gorgeous and really enhances the fireplace with the old wood. Glad you kept the brown window and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. It's interesting that the windows are different on each floor. I'm still a little confused about the floor. Are you going to build a floor above the rod?
Cécile said…
Rose, yes they installed a laminate floor and covered up the rod. It's just a memory now. I spent this afternoon cleaning the beams. I'll post more pics after I've done some painting.
Connie said…
This iS absolutey fantastic. I love all the pictures. The village, the water, bridge, church, etc., looks like a postcard. I can't believe you get to live there for several months a year. What an expierence! Your fireplace is beautiful and your painting is awesome. Been taking a break from pc to get some things done at home. Thanks for sharing with us.
Cécile said…
Connie, good to see you here. Thanks for your comments. We do feel lucky to be here. We are having a wonderful time, especially now that the weather has turned wonderful.
alisonc said…
Hi Ceci,
Golfing in Laval! You are the first person I know of to gold in France. I enjoy seeing what you do to your property there.

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