Attic renovation day 1 quick update

It is lunchtime on the first day of this project. I ran up and took pictures as soon as the 2 workmen left for lunch. So far they have cut away the beams in front of the window and opened up a hole in the roof for the first of the skylights.

atticday1 003

They have also installed some metal bars that I assume will support the wallboard or whatever they put up there.

atticday1 006

Here’s the skylight.

atticday1 020

And again.

atticday1 008

Here’s where they stacked the slates they removed.

atticday1 017

And I reached out the hole to take this one of the roof.

atticday1 021

Okay, that’s it for now. Stay tuned.


James Riehl said…
Seems like pretty good progress for the first half day. Hopefully you didn't have any rain in the afternoon!
Cécile said…
No, but it did rain overnight. I think it is supposed to be dry today, so I suspect they will do the other one today. After that the weather looks more iffy.

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