22 hours and counting....

I'm all packed. Still have stuff to do, but wanted to finish the packing. This is a lot of stuff to get to the airport, but we can manage and we're traveling together, so I don't have to manage it all myself. I ususally pack in just the red one, so this is way more than I am used to handling. When we get to Paris there will be trolleys we can use.

Since I am taking a laptop for the first time, I decided to use the black overnight bag for my carry on. It has a handle and wheels, so though it's heavy it will be easy to manage in the airports. I put my knitting, books, computer, camera, MP3-player and other stuff in it. There's no way I could get bored on this trip with all the stuff I have with me to do.
I didn't buy any new clothes for this trip--oh wait yes I did--some underwear, a shirt and some black jeans. The French women wear so much black that I thought I'd blend in better with some black jeans. They are stretch and are comfortable too. What we did buy are electronics--a laptop and an MP3 player and guide books, maps, etc. I have been spending time this week figuring out how to use the MP3 player and downloading stuff from the web and from some CD's to the device.
We leave tomorrow about noon. I'm not even sure what time we arrive or what airports we are going through. That doesn't really matter. We just want to be able to get into our apartment and take a nap when we get there. Then we'll go out walking and shopping for food after a short rest. I can hardly wait.
See you from the other side!
P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of this photo. I would like to say I blurred it so as not to advertise the luggage company, but really I just took it in a hurry; uploaded it, put the camera back in it's case and back in the bag and then noticed that it was blurry. I promise this will be the last blurry picture I post on this blog. I can do better. I'm not a photographer, but I do know how to sort out the bad pictures and I won't post any more blurry ones.


Unknown said…
Have a safe trip! (o:
Unknown said…
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