Paris Apartment

Here are some pictures of our apartment here. We've been here about 48 hours and have already gotten to know the neighborhood a bit, but these pictures are ones I took within the first few minutes of our arrival. Here you see our 4 suitcases in the bedroom. The apartment has 4 rooms and a bath in a row all facing the street. The master bedroom is at one end, then the bathroom. This is a compact room, with a shower at the far end and a washer/dryer just inside the door under a cupboard.
I'm standing in front of the shower taking a picture toward the corner, where two mirrors come together. I don't know if I always hold my left pinkie in the air when I take a picture. Everything in the bathroom is new.

The next room is the kitchen. This is directly across from the entrance to the apartment. There was some mail here when we arrived, so the marble table is covered with mail. I'll have to get a better picture some other time. The kitchen is also compact. You can see everything in this picture. Fridge/freezer at the back on the left; sink, stove, oven on the right. It is unusual to find a kitchen inParis with enough room in it to eat. The little marble table is just big enough for the two of us and that is where we have eaten the 6 meals we've had here since we arrived.

This is the dining room. It has a very small table, which doesn't show here much. The table is 24" wide by 63" long. It sits against the wall normally, but can be pulled out into the room.

The last room at the far end is the den and my study. That's the desk where I am sitting now.

If you turn and look back down the hallway to the bedroom this is what you see. I think my wide-angle lens makes everything look a bit bigger than it is. I don't have dimensions. The rooms are small, but comfortable. I think we'll be fine here. The apartment belongs to some Americans, who are in the U.S. right now. They have completely remodeled the place, leaving as far as I can tell only the walls, floors, ceilings and crown moldings from the old place.

And finally, looking out the window to the street below. We are on the 6th (5eme) floor. Those buildings across the street are about 100 years old. I'll have to look for dates on the ones on this side. They look to be about the same though.

So that's our home away from home for the next 3 months.

P.S. After reviewing this post, I realize I forgot to resize the photos, so if you click on them you will see the very large original versions. I'll try to remember next time to resize them to a more reasonable size.


PAT said…
The apartment is wonderful, Ceci! I like your view, too.

Anxiously awaiting more Paris news and views!

Anonymous said…
It's a beautiful, compact, everything-you-need apartment. (Of course, very appealing to me and my minimalist sensibilities.) Your desk area is great with it's view right out the window. And what an interesting view, too. I'll be checking back daily now that I know you're there. Have a wonderful time, Ceci!
Anonymous said…
What a charming flat. And best of all, the books are ready, waiting to be read.

Thanks for visiting me blog and leading me here.
Lori said…
Hi Ceci! I love how you look for the architectural elements in your renovated apartment-- a true Glensheen gal!
We miss you and will check your blog regularly!
Cécile said…
Pat, thanks, I'm trying to figure out
Rose, yes, It's just that. It will be interesting to see how we like the more stripped down version of life. I've often thought I could get by with much less, but then don't really want to give up things.
Brit, Thank you for stopping by. I am so impressed with your blog and your adventures.
Lori, Of course I would notice the architectureal details. We even visited a Victorian house/museum--which I didn't know was a house/museum till I got there--see my next post.
Unknown said…
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